Reliable Onboard Ethernet connection securing dependable train travel

Neuer Zug der TOKIO MONORAIL Serie 10000

HARTING’s Ethernet connectivity products were adopted for the onboard network of TOKYO MONORAIL CO. LTD.’s new 10000 series trains. The seamless Ethernet connection including intercar jumpers ensure high transmission quality that provide reliable train operation and multilingual passenger information services.

The railway industry in Japan is increasingly deploying Ethernet to integrate systems previously  divided by application to a unified network and to deal with increasing data volumes. This trend is expected to accelerate as IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) recently released the Ethernet standard for railway ECN (Ethernet Consist Network).

The Japanese monorail operator, TOKYO MONORAIL CO. LTD. uses Ethernet connection to transmit control signals and monitoring data as well as to offer passenger information via a LCD in its new 10000 series trains. HARTING’s Ethernet connectivity products were adopted for the onboard network equipment of the new trains.

For TOKYO MONORAIL’s ATI (Autonomous decentralized Train Integrated system) intended for onboard information control networks the inter-car connection employed the Ethernet cable Ha-VIS EtherRail® which was put in bellow-shaped jumper cable and the IP68 connector for extreme conditions Han® HPR. The Ethernet transmission in the railcars is built with IP65/67 M12 circular connectors and Ha-VIS EtherRail® cables. The seamless Ethernet connection including intercar connections enabled to provide high transmission quality supporting dependable train operation and passenger information services on a LCD with up to four languages.

Tokyo Monorail started operation in 1964 as access line to Haneda Airport in Tokyo with the Tokyo Olympics in that year in sight. The new train with enhanced service is supposed to support the visitors of the 2nd Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020.

HARTING Circular connectors

Etherrail data cables