Quick Connection of Drive Motors

Power-transmission connectors are at work here; the traction-bogie motor is connected via the Han® K 3/0 in the Han® HPR housing.

Motor connection of the traction bogie. Siemens AG TS, Erlangen, Germany

The advantages of optimised production and faster servicing are arguments in favour of the modular principle. The trend towards making connectors for relatively high voltages and currents is continuing undiminished, whether as an interface for earthing circuits on the car chassis or as a motor connection for the motorised bogies.

Making high currents connectable is something which HARTING has mastered with a cost-effective termination system: the axial clamping screw. It reduces connection time significantly and makes it possible, for example, to design drive bogies for quick disconnection. Using the Han® K 3/0 and Han® HC Modular in various housings of the pressure tight Han® HPR series (IP 68) for outdoor applications, the supply lines to the drive motors are fitted with mating connectors on the bogies.