Flexible Connection in Railway Maintenance

Grinding car. Loram Maintenance of Way Inc., Hamel (MN), USA

With over 170,000 miles of track in the United States, rail is the single most valuable asset of most railways. Extending the life of the rail by rail grinding is considered the single most effective maintenance practice to control the effect of rolling contact fatigue, restore profile and maximize value from the rail asset.


Loram manufactures rail grinding equipment that incorporates high power, flexible grinding modules in configurations ranging from 16 to 96 grinding stones. Communication between the grinding cars is accomplished by a coax based ControlNet® system.


In the past, the communication system was hardwired between cars. When cars had to be separated, each conductor had to be disconnected by hand and then reconnected when the cars went back together.

Han-Quintax® - excellent solution

Han-Quintax® connector

Loram desired connectorization for the shielded coax ControlNet® cable and found the Han-Quintax® connector to be an excellent solution. Han-Quintax® is a highly shielded, low impedance, 4-pin connector that is assembled into the Han-Modular® frame connector and then assembled into IP 65 hoods and housings. Large, 32 B hoods were selected so that up to 8 coax cables could be disconnected at the same time. The timesavings are dramatic over hard wiring. Han-Quintax® is specially designed to handle very sensitive signals with no loss of signal. The completely assembled connector has been tested and easily meets the latest vibration test criteria.