Drive control in rail transport technology

Active Multi Fiber POF Module

The demands placed on the management and technology employed in rail transport systems are constantly increasing. Installations need to be simplified, maintenance accelerated, and communication data rates stepped up – not least in order to boost operational safety – all in connection with lower costs.

Today, polymer optical fibers (POF) are a standard part of engine control in rail transport. The cornerstones here consist of relatively short distances and high data rates, all grounded on a safety-oriented concept. Consequently, it makes sense to employ a larger number of connections in the application itself. The goal is to extend the lifetime of the components while achieving higher efficiency. This entails improving the performance of the interface itself while simultaneously simplifying handling, as well as simplifying and speeding up the implementation of maintenance work or installation in the field.

With its Active Multi Fiber POF modules, HARTING Technology Group has developed an innovative approach for connecting optical fibers.

HARTING Active Multi Fiber POF modules enable the connection of up to 16 POF (Polymer Optical Fiber) pairs in the space of a DIN 41 612 connector, instead of cumbersome pairwise connection, while a partial configuration is also possible. An eight-way version is in preparation. This results in significantly simplified handling in the field, which takes place under considerable time and cost pressures while observing extremely high safety standards. Incorrect connection of the optical fiber pairs is prevented, although the interface connection is multiplied.

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