Photo Transmission with Han-Modular® Connectors

The Ziehm 8000 is a state of the art mobile C-arm – well regarded for its mobility and simple operation. It is equipped with a sophisticated radiograph providing the highest image quality and excellent reliability.

Mobile X-ray system. Ziehm GmbH, Nuremberg, Germany

The Ziehm 8000 has one of the smallest footprints of any mobile C-arm available and yet features one of the largest dimension C-arms. The small footprint, reduced weight and large C-arm make the Ziehm 8000 the perfect choice for intra-operative fluoroscopy and digital radiography.


Delivery is always in a pluggable design.

Connection of the moving part to the monitor card is achieved with a HARTING Han-Modular® Connector System in a 10B housing with one Han E® Module and two Han DD® Modules.


For the next generation of the C-arm the modular connector is to be extended to include a Multicontact-module with 75-Ohm coaxial contacts. This will allow higher data rates for the image transmissions.