Miniaturization down to the last millimeter

Highest flexibility in device design - har-flex® connectors are available as straight and angled PCB variants and IDC cable assemblies.

Valve terminals are an indispensable feature in pneumatic automation systems. Today's devices are optionally field-bus compatible and thus permit the integration of various electrical functions. In addition to the flow rate, one of the key product features is the compact design.

The Swabian company Festo is the inventor of the valve terminal and today ranks as one of the world's leading supplier of pneumatic and electrical automation technology.

Festo has employed HARTING's har-flex® PCB connector series to develop a variant of the VTUG valve terminal that boasts even stronger flow rates, while still being more compact in design.

With their miniaturized 1.27 mm grid and compact design, the connectors enable much needed space savings in device design.

Particularly decisive for Festo was the fact that HARTING's 30-pin variant could offer the company the precise pin count it sought. Available in all pin counts between 6 and 100, this is the standard for HARTING customers.

Despite their miniaturization, the connectors are characterized by a high degree of robustness. In addition to the reinforced wall thicknesses of the inserts, the additional side-mounted SMT fixations (“hold downs”) always guarantee a secure connection to the PCB, making the connectors ideal for use in industrial electronics.


Mezzanine connectors HARTING har-flex®

Mezzanine connectors HARTING har-flex®