HARTING Connectors - Reduction of Downtime in Fuel Burners

Reduction of Downtime

Fuel burner. RIELLO SpA, Legnago (VR), Italy

Riello is one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of multi-purpose fuel burners, covering a power range from 0,5 kW to 20 MW. These products are especially used in the fields of industrial and residential heating systems, energy production and transportation (heating installation on ships).


For the signal and power connection of the control compartment with other parts of the burner like fan motor, safety valves, temperature and pressure probes etc. Riello decided to use connectors of the

Han® Q-series with Q 4/2, Q 8/0 and Q 17 inserts.


Herewith considerable benefits are achieved, e.g. in case of maintenance – when the control compartment is opened and separated from the burner – downtime and (therefore costs) are noticeably reduced, since there is no labour termination of the single wires.

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