HARTING Connectors in Automatic Stretch Wrapper

Reduction of Installation Time

Reduction of Installation Time
Automatic stretch wrapper. Lantech, Inc., Louisville (KY), USA

Lantech, Inc. introduced the first stretch wrapper machine to the packaging world in 1973. Today, Lantech remains the industry leader in choices and quality of stretch wrappers.


The Lantech stretch wrapper product line includes the Q-Series™ turntable models, S-Series™ overhead straddle models and Lan-ringer® horizontal wrapping model. Each model is designed to maximize operating safety, uptime, ease of use and wrapping performance. Lantech has over 40,000 wrapper placements worldwide.The S-Series™ Automatic Stretch Wrapper is the highest throughput capacity machine of Lantech, capable of up to 90 loads per hour. The machine is ideal for loads that are too light, tall or heavy to rotate. A key benefit of the S-Series™ model is the modularity of the system. This model requires 50% less time to install than competitive systems.


The shortened install time is made possible through the use of HARTING connectors that provide for quick connect wiring. Han E®, Han E®AV and Han A® connectors provide for connectivity to the main control panel, operator interface, and interconnects beneath sections of the machine. In addition to a reduced installation time, HARTING connectors also allow for manufacturing the machinery in a modular format as well as quick change out of components by the end user.