On the Job in the Automotive Industry

Christian Calvary & Xavier Garcia


RAPIDCHARGE FRIGOFRANCE s.a.s. designs, produces and installs automated systems for testing and filling lines with various liquids for components such as brakes, cooling systems and air conditioning units.In the course of 25 years of experience with more than 2000 plant installations worldwide the development of RAPIDCHARGE products have constantly advanced in the endeavour to meet client requirements in an optimal manner. Thanks to these untiring efforts the company now enjoys a position in which it is able to offer a full range of engineering services based in its internal know-how.


RAPIDCHARGE RC mainly produces machines for continuous operation in lines with a production and configuration capacity of 20 to 30 vehicles per hour. Ruggedness and reliability of the selected plant components are of decisive significance in these application areas. Consequently, RAPIDCHARGE RC has chosen the HARTING connectors and system components.

At an installation at GENERAL MOTORS in China, for example, the HARTING RJ Industrial® Metal Outlet in combination with the RJ Industrial Data 3A connector were integrated as data distribution interface for the Ethernet network.

At this location, Ethernet is deployed in the production environment in monitoring and processing information such as the plant status, cycle times and error messages of the live production process.

This results in significant cost advantages, compared with the high costs incurred by previous installations employing diverse components, terminal strips and connectors in order to achieve secure interconnections within the housing.


Thanks to the RJ Industrial Outlet, housings no longer require terminal box wiring for connecting the switch cabinet to the external components. The result is a considerable reduction in installation time. The RJ Industrial Outlet is specially designed for applications in rugged industrial environments, and in combination

with its quick connect technology (insulation displacement terminals) its assembly no longer requires the use of any special tools such as crimp tools. These features facilitate installation and maintenance by a very significant measure.

Christian Calvary

Sales Field Engineer



Xavier Garcia

Industrial Sales Manager


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