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Miniaturization requires board-to-board interfaces and more compact single-wire connectivity

Switzerland’s MICROTRONIC AG has developed a new cashless reader generation for clients such as Coca Cola, Nespresso and MEI in which SMD PCB connectors from HARTING‘s har-flex® and har-flexicon® series are used.

The development of payment systems continues apace, with a wealth of functions having been enhanced. MICROTRONIC’s contactless payment system supports a variety of RFID technologies, including Mifare Classic, Plus, DESFire and CALYPSO, with HID iClass slated to be supported in future as well. In addition to use with keys, tags and cards, payment is also possible via an NFC (Near Field Communication) mobile phone. Another highlight is a vending reader certified by EMVCo, which permits cashless payment via VISA or Mastercard.

har-flexicon® is HARTING Technology Group’s miniaturized and field-installable single-wire termination technology. One of the main requirements of modern device technology is the central importance of flexible single-conductor wiring of industrial equipment using PCBs.

With a tiny 1.27 mm contact grid size, the reflow and SMD-solderable components result in cost advantages in the production process through the use of uniform and automated loading and soldering processes.

The miniaturization of the new generation of readers not only requires more compact single-wire connectivity, but also corresponding device-internal board-to-board interfaces. Whereas MICROTRONIC AG formerly used connectors with a grid size of 2 mm, today the company wholly relies on HARTING PCB connectors from the har-flex® series. With a grid size of 1.27 mm and continuous scalability in pin count configurations of 6 to 100, har-flex® supports exceptionally compact device construction with permanent robustness.

Mezzanine connectors HARTING har-flex®

har-flexicon® connectors