Installation technology with process safety

Improved performance and stepped-up functionality are the main areas witnessing hyperspeed development in connector technology. For the HARTING Technology Group, efficient handling represents the third – and no less important – aspect.

Installers performing daily on-site installation of HARTING products all want to do a good job. In order to accomplish this, they need reliable and installation-friendly products, i.e. connectors with few components that can also be installed under extreme conditions and – above all – can be installed extremely quickly and reliably in terms of ongoing processes.

Simple, fast - always the same, and always reliable 

This requirements profile based on real-world experience has led to the concept of a connector for which the mating face and connection area consist of two mutually compatible modules. In this system, the mating face can take the form of a jack or plug. The connection area is always identical. It is realized with the preLink® terminal block, which accommodates up to eight wires and the connection is done by the preLink® assembly tool in one single operation.

This simple and very fast assembly process is always identical for all preLink® products. At the same time, preLink® is error-resistant. Feedback from the assembly tool gives the installer the assurance that assembly has been properly performed.

With regard to the RJ45 plug, HARTING‘s preLink® product range is now complete. In addition to existing preLink® RJ45 jacks, the preLink® RJ45 connector is now available as well.

The preLink® RJ45 plug in the IP20 version is fitted with a protected locking lever. The lock of the IP65/67 version does not apply, since the function is assumed by the Han® PushPull housing after V14 (PROFINET and AIDA compliant).

The preLink® RJ45 plugs rated at IP20 are extremely well suited for connecting devices in the field. Wired data collection terminals, controllers or wireless access points can be quickly and reliably connected with preLink®. The preLink® product range is completed by D-coded M12 connectors for Fast Ethernet (100 Mbit/s) and X-coded for Gigabit Ethernet, i.e. 10 GBit/s. Matching M12 sockets employing preLink® technology are currently under development.

A problem that frequently occurs during the expansion or conversion of a cable system can now also be solved with preLink® technology – thanks to the preLink® Extender, cables can be reliably extended at any time.

HARTING preLink®