Professional Power Supplies of POWEC with the mixed DIN 41 612 connectors by HARTING

A unique mixed DIN 41 612 connector of HARTING for a new modular power supply system by POWEC

Powec Energy

The new power supply modules by POWEC with their compact design and high power density of up to 333 Watt/dm³ occupy very little room, helping to limit the floor space costs. Moreover, they can be exchanged or the system can be extended during operation.


One of the reasons why this kind of performance could be achieved in that HARTING have developed a connector specially designed for power supplies. It combines the properties of two connector types to create a unique performance profile. Up to five high-current contacts can bring up to 40 A onto a circuit board with low loss. The extra length of the ground contact (which leads by 1.7 mm) in the central position on the high-current block makes it possible to use two voltage levels.


The special design of the male and female connectors provides electric shock protection in accordance with IEC 60 950, and offers an extended capture range. An ingenious and easily fitted coding system ensures that the right combination of connectors is always inserted.